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Beekeeping training to prisoners.

Beekeeping training to prisoners is new way to live a life.

Published On: 11-05-2016

The big question is, what is the end of life imprisonment to all prisoners ahead of next, how to live afterwards outside of this jail walls ? Will relatives accept us agian ?

Will friends support us like before ? like too many questions arises infront of all prisoners.

Yerawada jail board identify this and conducted training to prisioner about beekeping with the help of Madhubanhoney,Mahableshwar. Mr. Bipin Jagtap (Director of beekeeping Mahableshwar),

Mr. R.S. Surung (Distric Village Industries officer) and there team conducted training and session at yerawada jail. Noramally in jail training is provided related

to vegetable and food procesing but this training is not too benificiary for prisioner from urban background. In training Mr. Jagtap also gave idea about how to

make initial capital to start beekeeping, What schemes offer by goverment for beekeeping. Mr. Jagtap also gave answers for all questions in Questions and Answer seesion.

After post lunch, Mr. Surang gave session about types of bee, about there hives, how to handle honey box with some practicals. Many prisoners gave hunge responce for this session.

Bees and criminal offenders might seem like an odd combination, but they are becoming increasingly common counterparts.

“I got a chance to see how bees produce honey,” one of prisioner said. “I actually fell in love with these little creatures. I’m going to hang around because I want to learn more about them.”.

While this traing jail supredent Mr. Kurlekar, Technician officer Mr. Sanjay Fadtare, Mr. Sahebrao Girimkar, Aggricultare assiatant Mr. Dhanawade were present.

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